We tend to own “things” that we think we need, which ultimately sit in the back of our closets and catch dust.

The idea is to set these things in motion so that they may then reside in a space of dynamic accessibility as opposed to static ownership.

Considerable informal sharing already happens in Auroville, but there is a need for a systematic organization in order to truly enable its manifestation. The proposed space for this is the Auroville Library of Things (ALoT) that will facilitate sharing in the community. A space that will reverberate with generosity, abundance and the pure joy that comes from sharing.

Initiated by earth&us, the library aims to have an ample inventory of things to please the artist, the builder, the chef, the inventor and the child that resides inside each of us.

We have begun with toys, tools and kitchenware and eventually want to include all kinds of things that can be incorporated into a library system. Moreover, it could also become a space for community engagement over tools workshops.

Sharing is one of the oldest human behavioral traits that we seemed to have lost with the emergence of
individualism and hyper-ownership of material goods. Extensive research suggests that sharing improves social capital and social cohesion within a community, and establishes trust-based relationships.

“This is a power, a Divine movement that spreads, diffuses, throws out freely forces and things and whatever else it possesses on all the levels of nature, from the more material to the most spiritual planes. If truly surrendered to the Divine, it will be utilised as an instrument for the Divine work”

We invite you to collaborate by donating things and sharing your ideas and opinions regarding this project!